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Our Pastors

Together, Tyrone and Cynthia Marshall pastor the Washington, D.C. and St. Mary's campuses of Victory Christian Ministries International. Pastors Tyrone and Cynthia are committed to teaching God’s Word with powerful simplicity to produce effective change and positive results in the lives of every listener. Their greatest desire is to see people live out the enjoyable life God has always desired for them to live.

Tyrone & Cynthia Marshall



Tyrone Marshall


As a champion of restored families, Tyrone Marshall is called to father men whose fathers were absent from their lives. Through his guidance and mentorship, he has encouraged men to step up to the plate and become the Prophet, King and Priest of their lives and families through a transformed mind. He works with men, young and old, to realize that they don’t have to take the same path as their fathers, but that God has a pre-determined path for them to take if they will trust and follow God. 


As a result of the anointing on Tyrone and Cynthia's lives, together they are fulfilling God's mandate to raise up a Body of Believers that are not afraid of the devil and will boldly declare that "as Jesus is, so are we in this world!"

Cynthia Marshall


Anointed to preach and teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding, Pastor Cynthia is able to inspire and show people how to become what the Word of God says they can be, do, and have. Knowing personally, that the Word of God has the power to set one free from oppression, depression and hopelessness.


She has an overwhelming desire to minister the Word of God to see it set others free from satan's snares and deceptions. By doing so, fulfilling God's mandate on her and her husband's life to raise up a Body of Believers to be the Holy Ghost -Spirit Filled -Devil Busting -Barrier Breaking Body of Believers for Jesus Christ!


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